Planning ahead is important in any aspect of your life – when you’re at work the chances are you’ll need to create a project plan and budget at some point, or if you play sport you’ll devise a game plan to take down your local rivals.

So why do so many people fail to plan the finances?

When should you think about financial planning?

There is a no ‘right’ time to speak to a financial adviser about your future plans – whether you’re just starting your career or approaching retirement, make sure to speak to someone about getting your finances in order.

How can a financial planner help?

The job of a financial planner is to determine your short and long term goals, assess your current position, then devise a way for you to achieve those goals based on your situation. Some goals may be to have $1 million in your bank account by the time you retire, purchase your first house or create a trust fund to leave for your children.

Whatever the case may be, speaking to a planner should always be a first step. At JPB Mortgage, our team can help you establish and work towards you financial goals. Call us today on (02) 4627 5511 or submit an enquiry using the form on the right. 



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