Whether you’re looking to buy the latest sports car, purchase a family van in anticipation of your new child, or buy a fleet of vehicles for your business, then a car loan may be the finance solution for you.

What type of car loans are available?

There are thousands of car finance options available, each tailored towards a specific type of borrower. However, for the most part, car loans can be broken down into specific categories:

Standard loan

This arrangement is the most straightforward of all lending options. A financial organisation will lend the client the necessary money to purchase the desired vehicle (new/used). This type of loan can be either secured (usually against the vehicle) or unsecured (incurring a higher interest rate).

Finance Lease

A finance lease requires the financier to purchase the car, and subsequently leasing it to the intended motorist.

Operating Lease

This form of finance is targeted towards businesses, where the financier buys the vehicle and rents it to the motorist. Once the rental period is over, the motorist has the option to purchase the vehicle, continue renting it or upgrade to another vehicle.

Novated Lease

A novated lease is when an employee salary sacrifices the appropriate vehicle repayments.

Chattel Mortgage

A chattel mortgage is when a financial organisation advances the funds for the vehicle, and holds a mortgage over the vehicle (using it as security).


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